We give you our all.

There’s a lot of power packed in our app. In addition to all the city information, our app includes GPS, issue reporting, Yelp and more. And we’re always adding more features so your app becomes the “go to” source for what people want and need to know about your city.

We make you a hero.

Bad weather, traffic tie-ups, road closures, disasters, and other life-altering events. People want to know what’s happening and how to respond. Our app makes city leaders heroes by giving you the ability to reach every smart phone user with real-time alerts wherever they are.

We go both ways.

IOS and Android platform, either way, we’ve got smart apps!

Available on the App Store Available on the Android Market

We’re flexible.

Other app providers require cities buy a website in order to get an app. Or include other “strings.” Not MyCommunity Mobile. We make it easy to go live with a completely customizable app for your city. Get the app only or add a website. It’s your choice!

We make updates easy.

MyCommunity Mobile includes a content management system that allows for instant content updates. You can also assign multiple editors and even control what section of the app they can edit. We can link your app to your website so updates can be made to both simultaneously so there’s no double duty.

We listen.

Feedback from cities like yours has enabled us to build one of the most robust, easy to use and maintain apps available. Should you have a question, a comment or need help, you’ll talk to a real person every time.

We’re affordable.

We want every city to make MyCommunity Mobile an essential city service. So we’ve priced it accordingly. There are no development fees. No charges for updates. Just a simple monthly subscription fee based on city size.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We’re here to help cities connect and communicate with citizens. With our ongoing commitment to development, you’ll always receive the best mobile app solutions from MyCommunity Mobile.

Want more reasons why MyCommunity Mobile? Let’s talk.