Website Development

Websites older than five years old don’t have the functionality people want nor do they portray the image cities need to attract investment, businesses and citizens. They’re difficult and costly to maintain. When they’re old and outdated, people ignore them. MyCommunity Mobile will develop a dynamic website with all of the features and functionality cities and citizens demand. This includes full integration with social media, a user-friendly content management system and a MyCommunity Mobile of course!

Custom Apps

Each city has unique needs and a desire to interact and communicate more effectively with businesses and individuals within the community and beyond. You might want to launch an aggressive economic development campaign. Recruit more healthcare providers. Showcase housing or retail developments. Promote a festival. Let MyCommunity Mobile develop a custom app that helps you achieve your goals.

Staff Training

We’re not all techie, right? MyCommunity Mobile is happy to train city government staff on how to use our apps and websites. We’ll do it when you sign on and whenever you need a little love.