Oct 19, 2021  MyCommunity Mobile announces  Version 5.0 of the MyCommunity Mobile App for Apple Store and Google Play Store to provide big city features that every city’s budget.

While maintaining the existing features for compatibility with existing city clients, the new MyCommunity Mobile App adds hybrid web services and single source code for Apple and Android. This is a powerful improvement that makes the app more compatible with a city’s website and makes customization s much easier.

The new MyCommunity Mobile Hybrid powered app now supports amazing features such as:

  • Total embedded webservice functionality including checkouts and payments.
  • Google Maps and Directions.
  • Unlimited content linked Instant Push Notifications for Apple and Android even if the app is not open.
  • Live Video Streaming.
  • Unlimited  Google Calendar posts to the user’s device calendar.
  • One Tap-Click to call or email city departments or administrators.
  • Embedded third party applications such as surveys and petitions.
  • Unlimited Categories / Subcategories / Listings of Businesses, Schools, Departmens, Facilities and Parks.
  • Citizen reports to city departments of problems or conditions that include:
    • Image / Video / Document upload from mobile device camera,  gallary or documents
    • Private chat with designated department
    • Google map of the reported issue location
    • Report status pending-processing-completed for city admin.
    • Statistics of reported issues for administrators
  • City news notifications of upcoming events.
  • Easy customization to future-proof your community app.

Demo Signup to see all the above features in our Demo City App.

New MyCommunity Mobile App in 2021