ALPENA, Mich. – – The City is moving forward with a smartphone app for Alpena. Apps are basically software applications that when launched allow smartphone users to perform all sorts of functions.

In the case of the city, an Alpena app would allow users to access its website and do things such as search for restaurants, businesses, parks and more; report potholes or downed limbs; review a calendar of events and much more.

City council this week, agreed to a one-year commitment of a monthly service fee of $99 for the new app. It is not known when it might be available since staff needs to provide a great deal of information to the company before it can be launched. A grant from the provider will cover the start up costs of $20,000–$25,000.

Mayor Matt Waligora met with the chamber and CVB to discuss their proposed app for Alpena and says he isn’t concerned about redundancy. “Their purpose and customer is quite a bit different than ours,” he said. The chamber says it is “very close” to introducing its app.

Many communities are reaching out to smartphone users to advertise their municipalities through the use of apps, which continues to grow at a brisk pace, especially among younger users.

City, Chamber & CVB working on smartphone APPs