Imagine Your Community: Mobile Connected, Informed, Empowered, Involved, Collaborating And Contributing To Building A Better Future
From Anywhere          At Anytime

Tools For A Smarter Connected City Hall:

Real Time Instant Push Notifications


Send real time public safety alerts or notifications to everyone with your city app regardless if it is open or not.

Full Hybrid App With Embedded Web Services


Everything your City Hall does, can be done beautifully mobile. From collecting payments to building permits & more.

Instant Public Opinion by Mobile Survey


Get the pulse of your community before the council meeting with Push Notification and link to a survey in the City Calendar

Tools For A Smarter Connected Community

Tap to Call or Email Instantly


No need to look up your Council Member’s or Mayor’s number on Google or the White Pages. Just tap to see their bio then tap the phone icon and their phone is ringing.

City Event  Calendar


Event date-time-location information simple and uncluttered easily transfered to your user ‘s calendar appliciation.

Citizen's Report City Issues

Almost an app in itself featuring:
  • Sending Camera/Gallery Image
  • Google Map of location
  • Chat between citizen and admin
  • Pending-Processing-Completed status tracking for admin

Google Maps & Directions


Whether it is a school, park, government facility or pizza parlor connect to it in 3 taps or less in your city’s MyCommunity Mobile app.

Instant Payments to City Sevices


Payments for city services are a breeze when made through the convenience of your mobile city app. Simple, just the url to the online payment service that already the city already has.

Live Stream Important City Events


Important city council meetings, sporting events, parades, anything that can be live streamed, can be streamed through your city’s MyCommunity Mobile app.