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  • Set the narrative with official factual instant interactive Push Notifications
  • Put the power of City Hall in each resident's hand
  • Upload documents
  • Apply for permits
  • Make payments
  • Live Stream Events
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Calendar Events
  • Employment opportunities
  • Housing Listings
  • Connect City Council with Community
  • And Much Much MORE!!

Your city. Any time. Anywhere.
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We want to help local governments connect, communicate and engage with their citizens. MyCommunity Mobile transforms that relationship through a variety of valuable features. Pick and choose any or all!


Connect with City Hall

Connect with City Hall

With a touch of a button, citizens can meet local officials and access their contact information.

Real Time News Alerts

Real Time News Alerts

Promote community safety by pushing out breaking news on weather, school closings, traffic, disasters, or crime as it happens.


Community Calendar

Community Calendar

Post council meetings, festivals, special events, school dates, and more.

Report an Issue

Report an Issue

Give residents the ability to report issues when they happen. They see something, take a photo and send it in; GPS coordinates tell you exactly where the problem’s located for quick response.

Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Put all of your parks and recreational facilities in the app, including hours, amenities, photos, and turn-by-turn GPS-enabled directions.



Deliver up-to-the-minute news by linking live feeds from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as RSS feeds.

School Finder

School Finder

Give parents what they want: directions, contact information and photos of all your community’s schools.

Service Providers

Service Providers

This is a huge one! Contact information for all of the essentials—water, gas, electricity, waste management, and cable.

Life & Events

Life & Events

Looking for something to do? We’ve built Yelp into the app so app users can find local dining, shopping, clubs, and more so fun is always available.



See who is using the app, when and how with our integrated analytics feature.

Home Page Shortcut Menu

Home Page Shortcut Menu

Allows users to access the information they want in just one click.

There are plenty of other mobile apps for city governments. They are not created equally. Here are the reasons why we think you’ll like MyCommunity Mobile best.

We give you our all.

There’s a lot of power packed in our app. In addition to all the city information, our app includes GPS, issue reporting, Yelp and more. And we’re always adding more features so your app becomes the “go to” source for what people want and need to know about your city.

We make you a hero.

Bad weather, traffic tie-ups, road closures, disasters, and other life-altering events. People want to know what’s happening and how to respond. Our app makes city leaders heroes by giving you the ability to reach every smart phone user with real-time alerts wherever they are.

We go both ways.

IOS and Android platform, either way, we’ve got smart apps!

Available on the App Store Available on the Android Market

We’re flexible.

Other app providers require cities buy a website in order to get an app. Or include other “strings.” Not MyCommunity Mobile. We make it easy to go live with a completely customizable app for your city. Get the app only or add a website. It’s your choice!

We make updates easy.

MyCommunity Mobile includes a content management system that allows for instant content updates. You can also assign multiple editors and even control what section of the app they can edit. We can link your app to your website so updates can be made to both simultaneously so there’s no double duty.

We listen.

Feedback from cities like yours has enabled us to build one of the most robust, easy to use and maintain apps available. Should you have a question, a comment or need help, you’ll talk to a real person every time.

We’re affordable.

We want every city to make MyCommunity Mobile an essential city service. So we’ve priced it accordingly. There are no development fees. No charges for updates. Just a simple monthly subscription fee based on city size.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We’re here to help cities connect and communicate with citizens. With our ongoing commitment to development, you’ll always receive the best mobile app solutions from MyCommunity Mobile.

Want more reasons why MyCommunity Mobile? Let’s talk.

The process of getting a custom city app may seem mysterious. Or expensive. Or complicated. In fact, MyCommunity Mobile is none of the above. We make it as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)

Start the Process

All it takes to get started is an email or call to MyCommunity Mobile. We’ll host a free online demo so you and your staff can see exactly how MyCommunity Mobile app performs. We’ll provide you with a checklist of features so you can pick and choose what you want.

Create the App

Using information provided above, we’ll create your custom app with all the bells and whistles you desire. Because we start with a proven platform, development is quick! We also work with your IT department to collect and upload your city data to the app.

Launch the App

MyCommunity Mobile city apps are free and available to the public on iTunes. Your city has its own page on iTunes, making it easy for people to find and download. To accelerate the pace of adoption, we will happily suggest promotional ideas.

Maintain the App

Once your app is built, we’ll show you how to keep the content fresh and up to date with our integrated content management tool. What’s great is we can link our app to your website to simplify content maintenance.


Don’t be afraid to ask.

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There’s More to MyCommunity Mobile than apps. Here are other services we offer:

Website Development

Websites older than five years old don’t have the functionality people want nor do they portray the image cities need to attract investment, businesses and citizens. They’re difficult and costly to maintain. When they’re old and outdated, people ignore them. MyCommunity Mobile will develop a dynamic website with all of the features and functionality cities and citizens demand. This includes full integration with social media, a user-friendly content management system and a MyCommunity Mobile of course!

Custom Apps

Each city has unique needs and a desire to interact and communicate more effectively with businesses and individuals within the community and beyond. You might want to launch an aggressive economic development campaign. Recruit more healthcare providers. Showcase housing or retail developments. Promote a festival. Let MyCommunity Mobile develop a custom app that helps you achieve your goals.

Staff Training

We’re not all techie, right? MyCommunity Mobile is happy to train city government staff on how to use our apps and websites. We’ll do it when you sign on and whenever you need a little love. 

We’re people just like you. The only difference is that we woke up one day in 2010 with the idea of creating a new app for cities that would give their citizens and visitors the information they want, when and where they want it.

It made perfect sense. More than two-thirds of adults in the United States have Smart Phones. They’re not just for talking and texting either. People use smart phones constantly to access city services, find things to do, report issues, and get important news alerts. The right app enables city governments to connect with people in amazing new ways and provide much higher levels of service.

So we assembled a team of sharp people who shared our dream to build MyCommunity Mobile and who had the geek skills necessary to make it incredibly easy to implement, share and use. We’re now in the process of spreading the word about our app and keeping our customer service team busy bringing new cities online. It’s a big job and we love doing it. We also hope to make you a MyCommunity Mobile city soon!

Take a minute and meet our leadership team. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us!

Andy Pham

Andy Pham
Co-Founder & President

Tom Skiba

Tom Skiba
Co-Founder & Director of Sales & Marketing

MyCommunity Mobile is making news with each new city and app feature we add. Take a look.

New MyCommunity Mobile App in 2021

New MyCommunity Mobile App in 2021

Oct 19, 2021  MyCommunity Mobile announces  Version 5.0 of the MyCommunity Mobile App for Apple Store and Google Play Store to provide big city features that every city’s budget. While maintaining the existing features for compatibility with existing city clients, the new MyCommunity Mobile App adds hybrid web services and (continued…)

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Before any commitment on your part we set up your own personal access to the MyCommunity Mobile City Content Management System (MCMCCMS) where you will be able to experience the intuitive and easy management of your app. If you are not 100% satisfied with your app you may walk away with no obligation absolutely no charge. All we ask is that you tell us why we did not earn your business. Only upon becoming a subscriber will any setup fees and  subscription will be due, then anyone can download and use your city’s app for free. Now that’s a deal!

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